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The benefits of a cohesive social media marketing (or SMM) strategy cannot be understated. Social media is now a part of everyday life. It provides an opportunity for you to get in front of your customers every time they glance at their phone. If your business isn’t fully-engaged on social media or leveraging social media marketing services, then it’s missing out on one of the best ways to connect with your target audience.

The Content Catapult, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor SMM strategies that take into consideration your business goals, your brand and the industry you operate in.

You know your social media
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Content Marketing

We will help you create consistent, on-brand content to engage and delight your followers. Whether it’s competitions, informational posts, curated content, or even video – we’ll take your social game to the next level.

Social Media Videos

Social platform algorithms favour video, and so do people. We have the experience, tools and a unique process to produce engaging and branded social media videos at incredibly affordable prices.


We leverage your social media page’s audience data and our creative and marketing chops to launch targeted campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Check out our Advertising page
to learn more.

Social Growth

We will grow your social channel followers with real, active accounts. At the time of writing we haven’t even launched yet but our own Twitter account is set to reach almost 1,500 followers in the first month. All organic and targeted.

Review Competitors

If your competition is succeeding with a strategy, we’ll break down the key elements and create a new spin on the tactic to beat them at their own game. We can even target their audience to start
drawing them from your competition to you.

Did you know?

Linking social media profiles to your website can create
valuable backlinks to boost your website authority.


Social Media Marketing for Facebook

Despite recent Facebook algorithm changes, the popularity of the platform means Facebook still needs to be a part of your SMM strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for organic audience growth. If you’re not growing your audience every month something is going wrong. Twitter is also perfect for communicating directly with your followers and building your brand.

Social Media Marketing for Instagram

Because Instagram is focused on video and photos, it is an ideal platform for visual branding and discovery. Instagram stories are particularly useful (and underused) for marketing purposes.

Social Media Marketing for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it is best used for B2B marketing. Through LinkedIn groups and regular posts, your business can become a thought leader in your niche.

Is your social media marketing inconsistent
and ineffective? Let’s do something about that.

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