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We optimize and manage PPC and display advertising campaigns for maximum results.

Clever, organic marketing can do a lot for your business but advertising spend is still the easiest way to find new customers and make sales. Digital advertising services have three key elements:

Advertising Content – The images and text that initiate interest and compel someone to click.

Campaign Management – Using targeting, tools, and tactics to ensure the right ads find the right audience.

Tracking – Measuring conversions and goals to quantify the real value of your advertising campaigns.

Did you know?

As much as Google wants your ads

to succeed, default and automatic options will rarely

get you better results than manual methods overseen

by AdWords campaign managers.


Google Ads

The Content Catapult puts in the work that other agencies do not. We constantly optimize your PPC campaigns – improving your quality score, creating new ads, trying bidding strategies, building keywords, etc. By optimizing each and every ad, we ensure that your business isn’t wasting money by paying for clicks that don’t get results.

YouTube Ads

With over 1 billion users and video watching becoming more popular every year, get in front of your target audience with eye-catching videos ads.

Facebook Ads

Canvas, carousel, video, app install, post boosting – Facebook has many different ways to advertise on its platform. We’ll help you build Facebook ad campaigns that fly.

Did you know?

Facebook post boosting’s limited targeting options make it a very ineffective (and costly) exercise for most marketing applications.

Instagram Ads

Instagram will soon hit 1 billion active users. Instagram advertising has proven to be incredibly effective for brands, particularly brands those that target a younger demographic. There are CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression) options, with similar audience targeting to Facebook. This means we can get your Instagram advertising in the feeds of the right crowd.

Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising is growing in popularity, probably due to how well they integrate into the experience. Twitter has three types of promotions – trends (a business hashtag), accounts (suggestions to follow), and tweets. All three are seamless to the experience, so they are harder to ignore.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising is a different animal. It has a range of advertising options from sponsored posts, to showcasing, as well as the usual display advertising. Most unique is InMail, which is an email sent directly to LinkedIn users.

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