Part 3: Endings & Beginnings

We’re almost at the end of the line. I hope that you’ve learned one or two things and had some fun along the way. For the “big finish” I’m not going to try and dazzle you. I’m just going to be very honest. I started my marketing career as a copywriter. Sales and branding were my primary focus but every now and then I’d be asked to write some articles. “Some” eventually turned into over 100 articles, ghostwritten for a wide range of clients. But here’s the depressing part:

A single.

executed on all 7 of the Deadly Wins. In fact, most only checked a couple boxes.

I got tired of writing with one hand behind my back and a blindfold covering my eyes. I wanted to see my clients succeed. I wanted to be more than a hired pen. I wanted to help them from start to finish – from strategy to execution

I created The Content Catapult because I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to have to hand in another article and feel like my client was pulling the lever on a slot machine.  

One can never guarantee results, but you can certainly stack the odds in your favor by arming yourself with the skills, knowledge, and tools that will deliver consistently. 

This past year has been the most rewarding in my career, having the pleasure of working with my clients to develop and execute a plan of action. Being able to measure our efforts and serve as a genuine extension of their business, while seeing us reach the SERP summit together, is as rewarding as it gets. 

Speaking of which…

The view from the top is spectacular, 

but there are many SERPs to climb

Your Turn

The final step, if you wish to take it, is to answer a few simple questions about your business.

After the submission I will:

  • Personally review your site
  • Find valuable opportunities or mistakes that you’re making
  • And provide you with 3 FREE actionable insights

You can then take these insights and run with them to improve your online marketing.

But I’m hoping that they’re so valuable that you’re going to get GREEDY and want more.

In that case we can team up, build a strategy around your niche and take the battle to your competitors.

In short:

Is this The End or The Beginning?

Clean Up